Sometimes your pet’s medical case will require referral to a veterinary specialist.  If this is the case, these are some of the veterinary specialists that we work closely with to provide the best possible care for your companion –

Southeast Veterinary Oncology

Referral Oncology and Internal Medicine is available at Southeast Veterinary Oncology and Internal Medicine

Affiliated Veterinary Specialists

Referral surgery is available at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in Orange Park

North Florida Neurology

Referral Neurology cases can be seen at North Florida Neurology

Capital Veterinary Specialists

Referral surgery and internal medicine cases are available at Capital Veterinary Specialists in Jacksonville

Animal Eye Clinic

Referral Ophthalmology cases can be seen at the Animal Eye Clinic

Affiliated Emergency Services

Emergency cases can be seen at Affiliated Emergency Services in Jacksonville when we are closed

If you are interested in adopting a sheltie, please check in with Jacksonville Sheltie Rescue.  They are wonderful rescue group, and they do SO MUCH for their dogs.