Our Hospital

Creekside Animal Hospital is a 4,000 sq. foot facility located on over an acre of land in Middleburg, FL. The facility is set up with variety of equipment and utilities to meet a wide assortment veterinary needs. Come take a tour of our facilities…

We have rest stops for pups before they come inside, hydrants or bushes depending on their preference.
A bright, warm entrance greets you and your pet as you walk in your door. Though we try to minimize the time you spend waiting in our lobby.
One of our comfortable exam rooms

Inside our treatment area we have access to an assorted pharmacy and diagnostic equipment

Dr. Turman utilizes one of our microscopes, one of many diagnostic tools available

Our extensive pharmacy allows us to dispense the medications that your pet needs to get better

Part of our treatment area

Main treatment area and wet stations

We are always prompt to answer the phone and assist in any way we can.

Our anesthetic services are complemented with a large array of patient monitoring and supporting equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your pet.

Our intensive care/ post-operative ward is equipped with intravenous fluid pumps, vital signs monitors and patient warming devices to assure the greatest chance of a safe and speedy recovery.