Boarding is available for dogs and cats

We have limited space for boarding that we reserve for our regular clients – preventative care needs to be addressed at our hospital. We are a small hospital and pride ourselves in knowing our regular overnight visitors and their needs.

Boarding kennel runs

Cat ward kennels – the boarding area for cats is on the opposite end of our hospital from the dogs, so they have their own quiet space

Backyard sitting area

Our spacious backyard play area

We have a spacious backyard and run area were we let the dogs out frequently during the day, family members get to go out together and play for a bit while they stretch their legs.

Bathing and limited grooming services are available!

With each bath your pet gets a:

-Nail Trim

-Ear Cleaning

-Anal Gland Expression

-A pre/post brush out (if necessary)

-A spritz of our ‘smell good’ spray


Our limited grooming includes trimming tear stains, foot pads, bloomers, and lion cuts for cats.